Thu, Dec 16, 2021 12:19 PM

High risk of illness in swimming at Eastern beaches


The torrent of heavy rain the past few days has caused potentially hazardous waters at upper North Island beaches due to the predicted high levels of fecal bacteria.

Safeswim’s website shows that swimming in almost all of east Auckland’s beaches today – Cockle Bay, Howick, Eastern, Little Bucklands, Big Bucklands and Farm Cove – has a high risk of illness involved.

Two beaches on the Pohutukawa Coast, Sunkist Bay and Omana, also have associated high risks.

This could continue for the next few days.

Maraetai Beach, Magazine Bay and Mellons Bay have, as said by Safeswim, are low risk of illness from swimming as of December 16.

Before you embark to the beach, check to make sure the conditions are safe.